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Covid 19 statement



Current guidance is that those people who cannot work from home (such as sweeps) can continue to work, provided they follow official guidance relating as set out by the government. The measures we have put in place to allow us to return to sweeping our customers chimneys are:- Enhanced Personal Protective Equipment, use of appropriate disinfectants and sanitisers, issuing appointment preparation guidance to customers & social distancing measures for issuing of certificates and accepting payment.


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Gavin has also recently completed awareness training in Infections Prevention and Control, this was with the World Health Organisation specifically in Novel Coronavirus, and a course with the Virtual College.


We feel it is vital we have as much knowledge as possible to give our customers confidence that we are taking our responsibilities seriously. In the last few months, with more people being at home, and some cold nights, fires and stoves which would have normally been forgotten have been used. Therefore, the need to have your chimney swept is vitally important for your Health & Safety. Coupled with the fact that local businesses and tradespeople have taken a massive hit recently, your support is now needed more than ever.

Thank you,

Gavin & Claire

Covid Cert 2

It goes without saying that you should NEVER allow anyone into your home if you, or person(s) you are living with, has either been diagnosed with Covid 19, or showing symptoms of the virus. Likewise, a sweep should never be visiting properties if they have Covid 19 or symptoms. Both parties should observe official advice on this.

Covid Cert 1

Question: Can I Book a Chimney Sweep during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic?


Answer: Yes, let us explain. As the weeks and months pass, we have been putting in place changes to allow us to keep ourselves and our customers safe from Covid 19 allowing us to reopen. We are operating a waiting / call back list ready for the time when we feel it is safe to return to work. Hopefully in the not so distant future!